NTSSS - North Tyneside Student Support Service

Moorbridge PRU is part of NTSSS – North Tyneside Student Support Service and this consists of the following provisions:


      SSC – Student Support Centre/First Day Response

      Outreach Support to Schools – groups and individuals

      TRAX Programme

      Moorbridge PRU – KS3 – Endeavour (Short and Long term KS3

      Moorbridge PRU – KS4 – Aspire (Pupils with Mental Health Issues, Anxiety, Vulnerable etc)

      Home and Hospital Tuition Service – for those pupils who are unable to attend school because of short term medical issues.


Moorbridge PRU and NTSSS work's to engage and sustain learning for vulnerable and challenging young people.

We work with our students to improve attainment, progress, behaviour, attendance, self-esteem and confidence whilst providing skills to support excellent learning, development as responsible members of the community; we have high expectations and contribute to the well-being and cohesion of the community we serve.

We believe that provision based on teaching young people how to achieve in core subjects, in managing personal behaviours and in developing employability skills is vital to success for all learners at Moorbridge PRU

We deliver Alternative Provision which recognizes that students are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging that mainstream education is not for everyone

We provide our students with a chance to engage in education whilst preparing to reintegrate back into a mainstream school place; students may find alternative placements supported by Moorbridge , North Tyneside School Support Team, North Tyneside SARS Team and the North Tyneside Fair Access Process or develop a range of skills to prepare them for employment, apprenticeship or other study routes beyond 16.


We offer the full range of curriculum, teaching and learning and pastoral support which you would expect to see in the best mainstream Middle, High and secondary schools and academies in North Tyneside and Nationally.

We believe passionately that children and young people who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend mainstream schools/academies or are not succeeding in them, deserve as good an education as their peers at these schools/academies.


Children and young people who may be facing particular challenges and difficulties in their lives deserve the highest level of additional support to help them overcome these.


The highest expectations, an inclusive curriculum, a commitment to Safeguarding and a determination to cultivate success for every pupil are at the heart of everything we do.


We constantly evaluate and analyse practice to develop innovative and quality driven approaches to teaching and learning. We provide children and young people with compassion and challenge within a strong, stable and structured environment. We ensure every pupil is able to attain age related educational standards, approved qualifications and secure progression. We provide personalised learning which clearly identifies academic and personal goals and  targets and ensures the attainment of these. We also have robust Governance through our Management Committee/Governors to guarantee that the highest standards of leadership and management and teaching, learning and pastoral care are maintained and developed. We have achieved GOOD in our recent OFSTED with many outstanding features.

Moorbridge is a Pupil Referral Unit and is part of NTSSS for KS3 and KS4 students living in North Tyneside.  Moorbridge operates within the ‘Children, Young People and Learning’ Directorate to provide education otherwise than at school for those students in KS3 and 4 who require ‘exceptional provision’ in accordance with the Education Act 1996 (Sec 19 (2) and Schedule 1)

The students at KS3 include those who are:  
  • permanently excluded 
  • At risk of PX, 
  • students with a medical or psychological assessment indicating a disorder, 
  • students with Statements of Special Educational Needs where parental choice has requested Moorbridge, 
  • Statements of Special Educational Needs awaiting placement 
  • students undergoing formal assessment for Special Educational Needs.  
  • Other students are admitted where places are available, if agreed as an appropriate placement.  
Within KS3 students are closely monitored by staff and taught in small groups, the main aim being to reintegrate into an appropriate school setting.

The students at KS4 are vulnerable, anxious students with some serious Medical or Mental Health issues who have found attendance at school extremely difficult and for whom this presents as a significant barrier to learning, but Moorbridge enables them to have a fresh start. Students study a range of GCSE subjects within the supportive setting and are prepared for transition to further education, training and the world of work.

and teaching, learning and pastoral care are maintained and developed. We have achieved GOOD in our recent OFSTED with many outstanding features.