North Tyneside Fair Access,
Placement and Admissions Panel
Protocol and Responsibilities January 2019 

Stage 1 – Engaging with the School Support Team (SST)

• The school must liaise with the School Support Team prior to any referral being made
• This will ensure a professional dialogue can take place to ascertain the issues and support that has already been undertaken
• Only then will it be agreed if a referral is appropriate and for which route/provision 
• The SST can also engage with other agencies to support the process.

Stage 2 - School completes the referral form 

• The school completes the referral paperwork providing relevant and accurate details as well as evidence of the early intervention work undertaken with the pupil. This might include, for example:
o Internal intervention meetings and discussions
o External support and/or assessment actioned e.g. the Language and Communication team, CAMHS, Educational Psychology.
o Early involvement or discussion with the School Support Team (SST)
o Engagement with TRAX (Key Stage 3 behaviour intervention programme)
o Intervention meetings with TAF or other professionals
o An EHA has been undertaken and the locality team are engaged
• Prior to submitting the form, the Headteacher must check and approve the referral paperwork before submitting it to the School Support Team (SST)
• Submit completed referral to SST    by 12 noon of the Monday before your allocated panel date to enable consideration by the SST
• if a lead professional in school submits the form, the Headteacher is always copied in.

Stage 3 - School Support Team receive Fair Access referral

• SST acknowledge receipt of the referral
• SST review and assess the referral and where appropriate, seek advice from SARS, Educational Psychology, Family Partners and other relevant agencies
• If required, SST will provide feedback and discuss the referral with the school, usually the lead professional in school
• If there is an issue, SST will discuss with the Headteacher to establish if this is the correct course of action and provide advice where necessary.  This will be by phone call or email.
• An email will then be sent confirming discussion points and this will be copied to the lead professional and the Headteacher
• If the referral is for a permanent move/placement, the SST will conduct a home visit to gather the views of the parent/carer.
• The views of the parent/carer will be recorded on the referral form. It is acknowledged the views of parents/carers may not always be factually accurate
• SST will report the views of the parents/carers to the lead professional and Headteacher either by phone or email prior to the Panel meeting
• SST may contact the Chair of the Fair Access Panel to discuss any of the referral cases in advance of the Friday Fair Access Panel meeting. 

Stage 4 – Fair Access, Placement and Admissions Panel 

• Each panel will be chaired on a rotational basis by a member of the panel
• If there is a conflict of interest with a potential named school and a panel member, the chair will request that they leave the room for the entirety of the discussion and decision
• In such cases, the receiving school/HT will not be informed at the panel but via the usual format after the meeting
• Each Headteacher must present their case to the panel which is made up of Headteachers on a three-week rotation
• It is advised that the presenting Headteacher is accompanied by the Lead Professional from their school in order that further clarification can be sought if required
• SST will be asked to provide to the panel an account of the support and advice they have provided to the school and family
• The Headteacher panel make a decision on each case presented
• The outcome of the Panel decision could be:
o A short term placement/intervention
o A new school allocation
o A permanent placement within Alternative Provision (Moorbrige or PALS)
o A recommendation that the pupil return back to the existing school with further support
• If the Headteacher presenting a case, is for any reason, unable to stay for the panel decision, the Chair or SST will communicate the outcome to the Headteacher afterwards.

Following Fair Access Panel decision: 

• The referring school/Headteacher will receive formal notification in writing of the decision and be provided with next steps
• The receiving school or provision will receive notification in writing and be advised of admission arrangements
• Prior to any admission, transfer forms must be completed and submitted to SST
•  The CTF request must then be instigated
• Without this, no admission can take place
• SST will liaise with parents and allocated school/provision to arrange admission.

Moorbridge PRU,
Mar 24, 2019, 6:35 AM