Ethos, Culture and Vision

The entire staff, Management Group/Governors, learners and external partners have spent 2015 working together to formulate a vision for Moorbridge.

These principles are built on Moorbridge’s belief that all children have the potential to become successful adults. Strong and healthy relationships with the learners and with each other mean that staff really know the learners and their needs and can ensure success is achieved by providing exactly the right support. Learning is placed at the heart of our organisation.

To Build Bridges…….


This statement is the purpose behind our being. 

The building of bridges can be associated with any situation. 

Some of examples of this are – there are many more:


  • Pupils building bridges with their mainstream school after things have gone wrong
  • Pupils building bridges to get themselves back into education
  • Pupils building bridges to learn how to deal with different situations socially and emotionally
  • Pupils building a bridge to develop their own self esteem and confidence


The vision and ethos at Moorbridge:

M -Moorbridge

Morals, Building Bridges, Respect and Courtesy

Building bridges to move on.

Yourself, peers and staff

Values and


Environment, Buildings and equipment

A -Alternative

Achievement and Attitude

Be ready to learn and be proud of your achievements.

Attend regularly and be punctual



and be positive.

You are worth it – achieve your full potential.

E- Education

Educate and Empower

Maintain the well being of all

Hand in valuables – including phones

Be where you

should be

Move sensibly and appropriately

P - Partnership



Speak to people respectfully

Stay calm and solve problems

Listen and


Use appropriate language and questions




Our Culture………………


In order to achieve our vision and work in the way outlined in our vision and mission statement, Moorbridge PRU/Service will have:


  • A ‘can do’ culture underpinned with flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness
  • A highly visible Leadership Team with an open-door policy throughout the school
  • Staff who take pride in their work and use and develop their expertise



It will be a school where:


  • Pupils feel happy, safe and supported
  • Everyone feels a sense of belonging
  • Everyone has fun                                                                                                                                                 Bridges are built.


The Vision, Ethos and Culture of the school is underpinned by the following:

Pupil Centred

  • Education should meet individual needs
  • Students develop in all aspects of their emotional, physical , social and intellectual well -  being to ensure that they functions as valuable citizen within the 21st Century
  • Re-engage students in education
  • The holistic development of our children and young people will be nurtured – be this behaviour, emotional or social development or a mixture of the three.


  • We will make a positive difference to the lives of children and their families


  • Planning and decision making will be open, honest, transparent and person-centred


  • Pupils will be enabled to reach their full potential within the context of their individual needs


  • Pupils will be actively encouraged to exercise control over their lives


  • All pupils will be treated with dignity and prized for the contributions they make.


  • Individual differences will be recognised, respected and celebrated and equality and diversity of opportunities recognised



·         We will have the highest expectations for our young people


·         We will be passionate about progress and be open-minded with regard to        notions of ‘progress’ – this will not be purely academic


·         We will have an unswervingly positive ethos that embraces innovation and new ideas.




Partnership Working (pupils, parents, staff,  mainstream schools and multiagency)

·         Pupils and students will have a voice that is respected and listened to, however subtle or loud


·         Parents will be consulted, listened to, respected and supported


·         Staff will be valued and supported

·         Everybody at Moorbridge is valued and know that people are available to help them safely through situations that they may find themselves in

·         To produce a high quality professional service to all who invest in it – LA, Schools, Pupils, parents/carers, multi-agency providers and any other necessary stakeholders.

·         To ensure that the LA continues to provide its  duty (section 19(1) of the Education Act 1996) to ensure that children who would otherwise not receive suitable education have a placement

·         to work in partnership with the local schools to ensure that the service that is provided meets their individual school needs and the movement to and from school for our pupils is as positive as possible.



In addition at Moorbridge we will………..


  • Think about the bigger picture at all times


  • Engage with Pupils and their families


  • Support pupils during transition and ensure that they leave school with a clear profile of strengths and achievements, which will include external and internal accreditations


  • Ensure  systems for effective pastoral support are in place for our young people


  • Ensure that we are a research active school and that we use this platform to develop effective outreach services


  • Ensure the Management Group/Governors has representatives from all schools so that the governance of the school is led by the strategic and operational needs of the mainstream schools within North Tyneside.


  • Make the school a central part of the wider community and a resource centre for mainstream schools and other agencies in training, consultancy and outreach


  • Work as one team


  • Develop and be at the heart of a multi-disciplinary service, collaborating with health, education, social care services and other agencies


  • Organise our services around the needs of the child and family creating a one-stop-shop and flexible provision


  • Adopt multidisciplinary assessment to inform planning and delivery of services to meet pupils’ individual needs


  • Work in partnership with parents/carers, listening to, learning from and respecting their contribution when discussing the needs of their own child. Parents will be true partners in the decision making process and a range of personalised opportunities for home-school liaison will be provided


  • Value staff and encourage their continual development


  • Value staff equally, building on the history, good practice and collective knowledge within the school, drawing on the experience of all


  • Give staff the opportunity and provide a culture within which they can take pride in their work and use and develop their expertise


  • Have high expectations of staff whilst recognising time constraints and promoting a good work-life balance


  • Ensure staff are reflective practitioners who strive to refine, improve and open up their practice.


  • Staff will be interested, organised and confident advocates for pupils and their families


  • Review, debate and develop the curriculum


  • Create a centre of excellence within Pupil Referral Units that provides a first class, age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on individual needs, strengths and abilities


  • Continually revisit and debate the concept of education for pupils who are vulnerable and may be disaffected, maintaining a focus on innovative and creative approaches to the curriculum


  • Enable pupils to make their own choices, be ambitious and learn from each other


  • Ensure that assessment is rigorous and relevant to each pupil and that there is a strong evidence base of pupil progress


  • Provide opportunities for pupils to constantly refine and generalise their learning within a range of contexts


  • Further develop and review inclusion opportunities with mainstream/Dual Registered School partners in order to broaden the curriculum and provision on offer