Extended Curriculum

Moorbridge PRU organizes a number of different Extended School projects.

On a weekly basis there is at least one night per week where students and staff take part in extra-curricular activities.

In addition to this at present the following projects have taken place [1] and [2] and are about to take place [3]


[1]Moorbridge PRU working in Partnership with Newcastle United Foundation

This ASDAN course started in September 2015 and complete March 2016


In total 13 pupils from KS3 and KS4 enrolled onto the ASDAN course with 10 pupils completing the full course.


This was a new ASDAN course themed through football facilitated by Newcastle United Foundation and trailed by Moorbridge pupils, the course consisted of 20 x 1.5hr sessions.


This Football Short Course was developed in association with the Football League Trust. It provided an opportunity to develop and accredit football knowledge and skills through a range of challenges. 

The flexibility of ASDAN's Short Courses means they can be carried out in a variety of settings, over a time period to suit the individual or co-ordinating centre (up to 60 hours). Challenge descriptions can be interpreted and adapted according to the situation. Because Short Courses are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, rather than attainment at a specific level.


The Short Course is split into seven modules:

·           Football Participation

·           Health, Fitness and Nutrition

·           Researching Football

·           Football in the Community

·           Coaching and Officiating

·           The Environment

·           Working in Football

This portfolio will contained:

·           completed Football Short Course book and evidence of challenges completed

·           planning and reviewing documents

·           record of progress

·           summary of achievement, identifying skills development



During the course pupils were filmed by BT Sport who was one of the sponsors of the course, the footage was aired live on BT Sports 7th November. This short film has also been used as part of a themed presentation (How can sport make a difference in Education) in a conference called Schools United, housed at St James’s Park 10th March for schools across the North East.


The course finished with a visit to St James Park on the 1st March to complete all written work necessary to gain the ASDAN qualification.  There will be an awards ceremony for successful pupils to receive their qualifications at St James’s Park with high profile first team players in attendance.


The Newcastle United Foundation compile an Annual Review around all activities/events and statistics of whom they have worked with throughout the year, in this year’s review the partnership between Newcastle United Foundation and Moorbridge PRU has been highlighted and is promoted in the centre fold of a 16 page glossy publication.


[2] Moorbridge PRU working in Partnership with Forward Assist

Making a Point Project.


Forward assist were awarded funding to work on projects which will have a community benefit, one of these projects is to work with young people experiencing low self-esteem or lack of confidence due to their personal experiences of being; the victims or perpetrators of bullying.  This will be ‘Veteran Led’ project that instils Respect, Discipline, Commitment, Confidence, Courage and Citizenship via active engagement in sporting activity, in this case through fencing.


Iain Aberdeen Head Coach at Newcastle Fencing & Sports Trust overseen the project.  Iain has delivered similar projects in recent years and was confident that the 4x2 hour sessions would teach the basics of:-


Create a team dynamic and improve physical fitness,

Understanding leadership,

Team building,

General health & mental wellbeing and have a positive outcome for all participants.


A typical session would consist of a warm up games, team activities, fencing footwork, topical discussion, blade work and then competitive bouts. There were also written work sheets looking at key areas of fencing and the development of the fencing technique.


On the 3rd week pupils were given a presentation around courage from an ex veteran who works with Forward Assist


The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week programme and at the final session pupils were invited to the Newcastle Fencing Centre.  During this session a competition took place with medals awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places


[3]Moorbridge PRU Working in Partnership with

Northumberland Inshore Conservation Association

Shellfish & Environmental Enrichment Project


Moorbridge PRU and Northumberland Inshore Fishing Conservation Association will be working in partnership around a Shellfish & Environmental Enrichment Project, this will attached to the ASDAN model where pupils will work towards an environmental qualification, we plan to implement this short course in May/June time when the weather is a bit more settled.


Brief outline of the programme

·         Presentation to students at NIFCA headquarters Blyth

·         In-school day session

·         2nd Visit to NIFCA headquarters Blyth

·         Practical session – Shore reccy

·         Practical sessions carried out over a three day period

·         Final school session

·         Final presentation

·         Possible Boat trip


The Environmental Short Course has been developed in partnership with Eco-Schools and accredits up to 60 hours of involvement in various environmental activities, whether through Eco-School or other environmental initiatives and projects.

The flexibility of ASDAN's Short Courses means they can be carried out in a variety of settings, over a time period to suit the individual or co-ordinating centre. Challenge descriptions can be interpreted and adapted according to the situation.


This innovative project that will see the first of many opportunities for pupils from Moorbridge to experience and learn about the many different species of marine life living and conservation work in the North Sea, pupils will attend presentations from NIFCA and learn how to set up, maintenance and fish creels along with learning the legal size limitations learning how to calculate tide tables and how to dispatch cook their catch, Pupils will be documenting evidence at every stage and will be used as units towards an ASDAN qualification  We envisage this to be a successful programme and would be looking to continue this short course on a rolling program throughout the year a full programme has been produced that will fulfil the ASDAN criteria.





Learning opportunities



Date to be arranged


Presentation to students at NIFCA headquarters Blyth

Overview of job and role in NIFCA

Small group carousel to investigate workings of premises, followed by a quiz

Become familiar with the different species of marine life in the north Sea, different species of marine life in the north Sea,, what are the legal size limits and the Law for protecting marine life,  see what equipment is used to enforce environment protection, able to recall information in the form of a quiz.

3 hrs


Date to be arranged

In school day session

Morning - Review of what pupils have learned from first session


Mid-morning session – Team building/working in groups activity sessions


Afternoon – Risk Assessment Procedures/Map and Tide reading

Document what’s been learnt from visit, presentation & quiz, ability to work in small teams and improving listen skills through group activities.

Learn the procedures for assessing Risk and putting this into practice, learning basic Map reading, learn how to calculate tidal high and low waters through adding and subtracting time using a tidal prediction chart

All Day


Date to be arranged

2nd Visit to NIFCA headquarters Blyth

Creel maintenance, Creel setting including baiting and fishing methods

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) NIFCA to provide

Learn the importance for correct setting up and maintenance of creels along with learning the legal limitations , learn the correct method for baiting creels and handling catch, the identification of creels including ropes and Dan’s. Health and Safety and high viz PPE along with buoyancy jackets (supplied through NIFCA)



Date to be arranged

Practical session – Shore rekey

Visit to local shoreline to Risk Assess for practical setting of Creels

Discussion on where to place pots and why, Fishery officers to guide.

Planning ahead by putting into practice map and tidal reading skills, after selecting a position to set creels with advice from Fisheries officers an individual Risk assessment to be complete before practical session can go-ahead



Date to be arranged

Practical session carried out over a three day period

Creel setting/fishing for a three day period to maximise potential catch

10th & 11th Dispatch catch and cook at school, also 11th retrieve creels

Putting in place working in a team and listening skills learnt previously, reading of site map and add hearing to risk assessments carried out previously. dispatch and cook catch back at school and learn what’s OK and what’s not to eat



Date to be arranged

Final school session

Sharing of experience

Compile evidence for ASDAN credits

Complete data tables

Create presentation to deliver to NIFCA

Share experience through school assembly. Document all evidence that will relate to the ASDAN credits, create an individual presentation that will be delivered to the NIFCA Team and possible representatives from the schools Management Committee



Date to be arranged

Final presentation

Pupils to deliver summary of what they have learned and developed from the programme to the NIFCA staff

Improve confidence through delivering a presentation to NIFCA



Date to be arranged

Possible Boat trip

Pupils who show a genuine interest in NIFCA may be invited to attend a trip out to sea on one of the NIFCA vessels


To learn first-hand at sea what the inshore fisheries protection vessel roll and purpose. 


All day

Throughout the project Photograph evidence to be collated for use in school and NIFCA newsletters, displays and presentations