Key Stage 3 Curriculum

KS3 Curriculum


The curriculum in KS3 is split into 3 sections:

·        Core Curriculum

·        Enrichment

·        Personal Development


SMSC is explicit in all subjects.


Core Curriculum

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, ICT,


All of these subjects are following national curriculum guidance and they are currently using NC Levels to describe pupils attainment.

Progress in each of these subjects is measured from the Moorbridge baseline – upon entry all pupils are tested in:

·        English

·        Maths

·        Science

·        Reading Age

·        Reading Comprehension

·        Curriculum Engagement



These subjects develop Social and Emotional Skills, PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills), Behaviour Modification as well as other key learning skills –

·        B4L – what do the pupils need to achieve to reach their targets – weekly 1:1 sessions to discuss this

·        Reading – This happens as an intervention for those students with a reading age less than 9 Years old and all students read with their Key teachers after lunch on a daily basis

·         IDL Cloud – this is an individual Literacy programme which pupils are assessed for Literacy and then set work according to their level and progress, progress is monitored for all students. 

· Social and Emotional Activity - this is based on the PSHE & Citizenship programme of study but is approached in an engaging and 'fun' manner in order to explore issues deeper with students who are often disengaged from education.


Personal Development

These session are designed to develop a range of skills not always addressed by the core curriculum or Enrichment Curriculum - this aspect of the Moorbridge KS3 Curriculum allows pupils to enjoy and engage in the  practical/vocational skills to progress where they may find difficulty in the academic curriculum. 

The focus of the lessons will be around the development of Social and Emotional Literacy and aimed at the development of the process to achieve the task/activity rather than just the end product.  Staff will use their knowledge of the individual students and their group organisations to focus specifically on different skills  (e.g. Vulnerable/Anxious students - focus may be on Independence, collaboration and engagement in activities whereas Groups which have predominantly behavioural issues may focus on Reflection, Problem Solving and Relationships with Adults) or the teacher may choose to focus on all of the skills.

The skills which the pupils will develop are in:


   Independence/Self Management Skills

   Practical Skill Development


   Reflection in Learning

   Engagement in Activities

   Problem Solving

   Relationships with Adults/other Students


The areas of development are:

Personal Development-

PD- Physical (Games/Physical Education)

PD- Cooking

PD- Materials (Wood, Graphics, Electronics, Plastic, Metal)

PD- MM - Mixed Media (Paint, drawing, textiles )


Teachers will have a plan for each 1/2 term which will aim to focus on all or some of the above 'development skills' this will be achieved through one or a number of individual tasks.

Teachers will record after every lesson when the pupils have achieved an element of the development skills (date and highlight) - each pupil will have their own individual Learning Map in each of the Creative Arts areas.

Pupils will be given a RAG rating at the end of each lesson relating to their points score - pupils will then be advised how they will be able to improve next time in terms of development skills.


Pupils will only be given 'Verbal Feedback' - this will not be recorded as written feedback


Staff will record the development and progress of the pupils work using 'See Saw' App


All pupils will receive on a 1/2 termly basis:


   PPA (Pupil Progress and Achievement) RAG rating based on the development skills achievement throughout the 1/2 term

   A2L - this is the Attitude to Learning - 5 - 1 Scale (Best).

 Progress will be monitored from lesson to lesson as well as 1/2 term to 1/2 term.



Skills Development

(PPA - Pupil Progress and Achievement)


(Points - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6)


(Points – 7,8)


(Points – 9,10)

Independent Self Management Skills

I needs constant prompts to help to complete the task

I needs occasional help to complete the task

I am a Self manager and can complete tasks independently with very little support

Practical Skill Development

I can produce a product or take part in an activity/task.

I can produce a good product or  I am good at the task/activity.

I can produce a high quality product or I am really good at the task/activity.


I need adult support to work collaboratively in a group or a team.

I can work for a short period of time collaboratively in a group or a team.

I can work collaboratively for the majority of the time in a group or a team.

Reflection in Learning

I find feedback very difficult to accept.

I normally accept feedback and  respond to this but not always

I always listen to feedback and responded appropriately.

Engagement in Activity

I can engage in tasks/activities for up 10 minutes

I can engage in a task/activity for at least 20 minutes

I am fully engaged in all activities at all times.

Problem Solving

I need adult support to problem solve

I occasionally need some support to problem solve

I can problem solve independently and adapt what I am doing to respond to this.

Relationship with Staff/Students

Avoids communication but will speak if directly spoken to; not making eye contact.

Interacts with adults when necessary.

Initiates and forms effective relationships with adults.