Management Committee/Governors

Our Management Committee has 17  members in total, which consists of 14 co-opted members, 2 Staff Members and the Headteacher of the PRU


Schools in North Tyneside nominate individuals to represent the mainstream schools (most of the nominees are part of the Senior Leadership Teams from the mainstream schools in North Tyneside), other governors are identified on eligibility and skill base. 

These nominees are considered against a set of appointment criteria which Management Committee/Governors have adopted and accepted as appropriate.  Should there be more nominations than vacancies the Governing Body will hold a ballot to decide appointees.

Each governor is a volunteer. Once appointed they will serve for two years, after this time of service they can be re-elected, re-appointed or replaced.

Their job is to;

  • Determine the strategic direction of Moorbridge PRU
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of Moorbridge PRU
  • To ensure that Moorbridge PRU continues to succeed


MG/Governor Position/Committee

Joyce McCarty

Chair of Governors

Resources Committee Chair

Michael Homer

Vice Chair

Resources Committee

KS3 T&L Link

Karen Croksery

Headteacher Moorbridge

Resources Committee

Teaching and Learning Committee

Behaviour, Safeguarding and Welfare Committee


Jacquline Sugden

Clerk of Governors

Matt Snape

Community Member


Marden High School

Jo Suddes

Community Member

Acting Headteacher Monkseaton Community High School

Teaching and Learning Committee

Ian Wilkinson

Community Member

Headteacher George Stephenson High School

Curriculum Committee

Mark Henderson

Community Member

Safeguarding Governor

Deputy Headteacher St Thomas Moore Catholic School

Jonathon Heath

Community Member

Headteacher John Spence Community High School

KS4 Link

Phil Kemp

Community Member

Manager of PALS (North Tyneside KS4 Alternative Provision)

Behaviour, Welfare and Safety

Tom Mitchell

Staff Member – Pastoral, Behaviour and Welfare Manager


Michael Tate

Staff Member – Business Manager

Resources Committee

Behaviour, Safeguarding and Welfare Committee

Jill Huxtable


Community Member

Head of School – Churchill Community College

Teaching and Learning Committee


Community Member

Head of School – Norham Community College

Teaching and Learning Committee

Steve Wilson

Community Member

Headteacher Whitley Bay High School

Headteachers PM Committee

Lisa Rodgers

School Improvement Officer for Teaching and Learning Secondary


Parent Representative Vacant

Paul Quinn

Community Member

Headteacher Longbenton High School

Curriculum Committee