How we support Learners with Additional Needs/SEND at Moorbridge PRU

Moorbridge PRU  strives to educate all of its students within an environment where the traditions of learning, respect and community are promoted.

 Moorbridge PRU is an inclusive alternative provision establishment where diversity is celebrated.

Please see Policy at the bottom of the page

There are four areas of Additional Needs:


.         Communication and interaction

·         Cognition and learning

·         Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

·         Sensory and/or physical needs.

Moorbridge PRU recognises that the students may need support in more than one of these areas.

Where a students is identified as having SEND, the academy will seek to remove barriers to learning and put SEND provision in place.

Support Staff

Our team of support staff support identified students in timetabled lessons under the guidance of the teacher. This could include 1:1 support or in small groups.

Literacy Intervention

When students who need additional support in literacy are identified, they receive 1:1 intervention, focusing on the key skills.  

Other Interventions

This could be for ASD, reading, reading comprehension, spelling, handwriting, numeracy, social skills. These could be delivered by a teacher, support staff, Educational Psychologist or a member of the Language and Communication Team. External interventions are also offered where this has been identified through referrals to multi-agencies.

Please see SEMH Intervention Impact Strategy at the end of the page

Curriculum Access

Adaptations to the curriculum or learning environment may be made to remove barriers to learning.

Things such as:

·         Sitting at the front of the classroom;

·         Using enlarged resources;

·         Alternative timetables;

·         Dyslexia screening;

·         Use of colour overlays;

·         Visual timetable provided;

·         Having someone scribe student’s work;

·         Access Arrangement for exams/controlled assessments

There are many more that may be put in place depending on the individual student’s needs.

For some students with the most complex needs, we can provide access to an alternative timetable and some vocational options.

Who can you Talk to?

Base Class Staff - Key Teacher and Learning Mentor

·         checking on the progress of your child;

·         identifying, planning and delivering a differentiated curriculum for your child in class as required;

·         personalised teaching and learning for your child;

·         ensuring that the academy’s SEND Policy is followed.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress you should talk to us. 

Please call us on : 01916436170  or alternatively email:

Please see detailed document below

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