SEN Information Report

SEN Information Report 

Moorbridge PRU: SEND Information Report 

Moorbridge PRU is part of the North Tyneside Council Local Offer (the package of services available in the authority for young people with SEND and their families.

Moorbridge Pupil Referral Unit is a fully inclusive place of learning which ensures that all pupilachieve their potential personally, socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.  

As a Pupil Moorbridge welcomes pupils in KS3 and KS4 from across the Borough of North

Tyneside when they are unable to continue to attend their present school.  This may be because theyare permanently excluded or at risk of this, struggling to maintain attendance because of anxiety orcrisis or new to the area and have Special Educational Needs. 

Moorbridge is part of North Tyneside Student Support Service; which encompasses other support such as TRAX, the Student Support Centre (First Day Response); Home and Hospital tuition and outreach.

Moorbridge provides placements according to individual needs.  These may be time-limited wherepupils are supported to return to their own or another school or longer term, where pupils require a multi-agency assessment of their needs or are unable to return to school as a result of continued anxiety.  We are also able to accept some pupils with defined special educational needs who stay with us long term in KS4.

Parents cannot apply directly to Moorbridge because we are a Pupil Referral Unit.  Professionals complete a referral form – this is generally managed by the Secondary Support Team – and these are submitted to the Fair Access Panel, consisting of the North Tyneside Headteachers, who meet weekly to consider placements.  However, we are very willing to meet parents/carers and show them around Moorbridge if they are considering a place with us.  Pupils are not placed at Moorbridge without the agreement of parents/carers.

Moorbridge has close links with the Middle, High and Special Schools in North Tyneside as well as other outside agencies. 

Our Vision is:  

 ‘We build Bridges to Success’ 

which reflects our desire to ensure that those pupils who are able to return to school settings appropriate to their needs, do so.  For those who are with us longer, we link with outside agencies to provide multi-agency responses to need as well as connections with further education training agencies and local colleges. 

The term ‘bridge building’ can also be linked to our firm belief in restorative techniques employed at Moorbridge to assist pupils to learn from their mistakes and develop positive ways to behave.

Our SEND Provision shows you how we support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

We consult with pupils and their families on our provision through:

§ Regular Pupil Progress Conferences at Moorbridge and Target Setting where parents/carers are invited to meet key teachers and other staff.
§ SEN Reviews as needed
§ Statutory Annual Reviews of EHCP
§ The Initial Meeting for parents/carers, the pupil and any other supporting adults to talk with
the Pastoral Manager, Link Worker and Senior Staff, as well as representatives from referring
schools. At this time, information is shared and plans made.
§ Contact by text, phone or face to face as and when needed, usually with the named Link
Worker in the first instance
At Moorbridge we welcome and value contact with parents/carers.  Our Link Workers and Education
Welfare Worker are employed to provide this service and will ‘signpost’ to the appropriate people to

Identifying students with SEN:

Many of our students have already been identified as having SEN by their referring schools. Other
needs are diagnosed whilst pupils are at Moorbridge.
Our protocol for identifying SEN is that all pupils are given Baseline tests on arrival. Some difficulties
(such as Reading ability) are identified during these tests. Other needs (such as processing
difficulties) may be highlighted by our staff. Any member of staff can submit an SEN cause for
concern through the Key Stage coordinators. THE SENCO and SEN team will then carry out tests or
observations to determine the category of need and advise on what type of support is needed.

A graduated response:

All students at Moorbridge have some SEN due to the Nature of the provision. All pupils are taught in small groups with access to additional adult support. 

Our graduated approach to SEN support is as follows:

  • Quality First Teaching
  • Time-limited or one off support for SEMH or learning needs
  • Regular interventions outside of class
  • Involvement of outside agencies such as the Language and Communication team or
  • Educational Psychology
  • Formal application for EHCP.

All students who have received support from outside agencies or hold exam concessions are on our

“Vulnerable Learners” register. All of these students have a specialised SEND support plan.

Assessment and Review:

We hold an assessment week every term where all students are tested in the Core subjects (English,
Maths and Science). Our data manager enters all data on a tracker. Senior staff analyse all data to identify gaps in progress for different groups of children, including those with SEND.
Individual SEND targets are reviewed on a termly basis and new targets are set. These are in addition
to the behavioural and Literacy/ Numeracy targets all pupils have.

Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs/Disabilities and their Families:

We will let families know about any concerns about the pupil’s learning through texts/phone calls as needed and invitations to come to talk about issues as they arise.  Meetings are arranged promptly and someone is usually available at short notice to see parents/carers if they wish to come in to Moorbridge to discuss issues.  We also liaise closely with pupils’ own schools where they are dual- registered. We have a Vulnerable Learners register which identifies all students who receive additional intervention (anything other than normal classroom differentiation). Some students may be identified as needing an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). Staff work hard to prepare a comprehensive referral and collect information from other services such as CAMHS and Language and Communication. The process is very person-centred - we work in partnership with the Local Authority SARS (Statutory Assessment and Review Service) and parents and carers/ pupils are involved at every stage. All pupils on our Vulnerable Learners register have a SEND plan detailing their individual targets. We use a format which is common across North Tyneside - this helps if pupils transfer schools. 

Transition to post-16 education:

All pupils in Year 11 have a SEND/ Transition plan which is prepared after they have had support through Connexions. We work hard to ensure all pupils have a realistic and aspirational post-16 placement (education, employment or training). All pupils transferred successfully to an appropriate destination in Summer 2017. SEN pupils are offered additional transition visits to FE providers; accompanied by familiar staff. We have very close relationships with local colleges and Transition coordinators attend SEND planning meetings on a regular basis. Post-16 provision is discussed at reviews from an early age. We encourage all our students to have  high aspirations for their future and set appropriate learning goals.

Inclusion and Pupil Voice:

All students at Moorbridge are taught in mixed ability groups. The size of these groups may vary according to the needs of children; for example pupils with anxiety issues may work in smaller groups. Reasonable adjustments are made to curricular and extra-curricular activities to allow all pupils with SEN to play a full part in all aspects of school life. We are extremely committed to equality of all kinds, therefore all school trips/ activities and extra-curricular activities are open to all eligible pupils unless a risk assessment has identified that a child’s participation would cause a Health and Safety risk to themselves, other students or staff. Pupils with SEN have regular opportunities to formulate their own targets and, with support from staff, contribute their own views at reviews. Pupils with SEN are representatives on School Council.

Additional Support

There are a number of other people who come to Moorbridge to work with pupils.  They include:

  • Educational Psychologists- our assigned professional is:  Sarah Brooks and we have visits from other members of the team.  Pupils are generally referred to this service by the SENCO or by the pupil’s original school. 
  • Child and Family Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Health Services
  • Family Partners/ Locality Team
  • EHA team
  • Tyne Gateway
  • Children’s Social Care
  • Acorns
  • Occupational Therapist  
  • Police –have close links with Moorbridge and visit regularly to take part in PHSCE lessons and keep staff and pupils up to date with local issues affecting us.  They will also give adviceto individuals if needed.
  • Staff from pupils’ dual registered school will come to Moorbridge to visit pupils and work with them in our setting.
  • Childrens’ Services or Family Partners – a number of pupils and their families need support from professional social workers or family partners.  These people visit Moorbridge to meet with the pupils they are involved with.
  • Connexions (who provide support with Post-16 education and training)
  • Language and Communication
  • Speech and language Services
  • Sensory Services

Referrals are made, where appropriate, by the SENCO and SEN team for specialist SEN support services We work in partnership with other education providers to make sure pupils make a successfultransition to the next stages of their learning, through careful and co-ordinated planning.  For the pupils at Moorbridge this may not be at the end of a school year or Key Stage as pupils move to otherprovisions or back to school depending on individual needs.  Parents/carers are fully involved indecisions about transition.  

We also support the re-integration of pupils back to school.  This is carefully planned and our Transition Co-ordinator, alongside Link Workers will support a return to school by attending meetings and supporting in class or in social  time depending on theneed. Transitions are bespoke to the needs of the child and can be gradual.

At Moorbridge we have a number of support staff who work alongside teachers and instructors in the classrooms to ensure pupil progress and independence.  There are two members of staff in eachclassroom at all times and because a number of our pupils have behaviour difficulties, all pupils are supervised by adults for the whole time they are in the building in order to keep everyone safe.

Staff Training

All staff have completed and continue to receive ongoing training in special needs and disabilities. They also receive ongoing training from specialists (e.g training by the Language and Communication team on ASD or training by CAMHS on supporting students with OCD)


Our fully qualified and experienced Special Needs Co-ordinator provides advice and guidance to staff and pupils.  Staff can also access guidance on planning for individual needs. Specialist advice (such as EP reports) and SEND plans are shared on a regular basis.

She is:  Ms Julie Kalama (BA, PGCE, SENCO).

Moorbridge Teachers

In Moorbridge, ALL teachers are teachers of SEND. Our provision starts with the philosophy that,
regardless of ability, all pupils deserve access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is
differentiated to their own needs. As well as special provision for SEND, we realise that all children
learn in different ways. Therefore teachers try to incorporate different learning styles into their
lessons. Many of our children are kinaesthetic learners (students who prefer to learn whilst moving
about) and enjoy hands-on learning with regular movement breaks. Our Moorbridge Sports Academy
includes several pupils with SEND who are motivated and engaged through Sport and given additional
nurturing and social opportunities.

Moorbridge PRU,
Jan 18, 2020, 8:17 AM
Moorbridge PRU,
Jan 18, 2020, 8:17 AM