Staff CPD

Staff CPD is held at NTSSS every Tuesday and occasional additional sessions on a Wednesday.

All staff contribute to the progress, development and learning of pupils in NTSSS and are therefore expected to take part in CPD.

A 2015 report commissioned by the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) reviewed international research on effective professional development.

The authors found that continuing professional development (CPD) was most effective where:

  • It lasted at least 2 terms, and more usually a year
  • There was a “rhythm” of follow-up, consolidation and support activities
  • There was an “overt relevance” of the content to participants’ needs
  • A shared sense of purpose was created
  • Opportunities for teacher learning were consistent with the principles of pupil learning being promoted

In 2012, the Centre for the Use of Evidence in Education (CUREE) published a report looking at available research on CPD for teachers and school leaders. The report is based on a review of a range of research into professional learning for teachers and school leaders.

The report claims that it is therefore able to:

... say with some confidence that there is now a robust, settled body of evidence describing the characteristics of professional learning which lead to positive student outcomes.

It explains on page 4 that evidence shows that CPD for teachers is more likely to have a positive impact on pupils if it is:

CPD for teachers is more likely to have a positive impact on pupils if it is sustained over time

  • Collaborative
  • Supported by specialist expertise
  • Focused on aspirations for students
  • Sustained over time
  • Exploring evidence from trying new things

It adds that four CPD approaches in particular are linked to effectiveness. These are:

  • Collaborative enquiry
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Networks
  • Structured dialogue and group work  (The Key for School Leaders)

At NTSSS we have used these principles to develop our programme.  We have included our programme below but at times this will change if the needs of new pupils are identified and we need further support their development.

Moorbridge PRU,
Nov 2, 2019, 8:45 AM