Staff CPD

CPD at Moorbridge Academic Year 2015-16

Aims & Objectives

“Our greatest resource is our teachers and their most precious resource is their time; it is common sense, then, that we must give our greatest resource the time to learn to become even better teachers.” 

John Tomsett – Headeacher,  Huntingdon School York, Sutton Trust Report Jan 2015      



Teaching and Learning is central to everything we do at Moorbridge as well as the holistic development of the individual pupil through a variety of different skills, approaches and techniques.  It is therefore essential that we share practice amongst colleagues and help each other to develop the best possible practice whilst being fully supported by Moorbridge as a whole to be confident and willing to take risks. 

The current CPD programme at Moorbridge is designed to provide a wide range of relevant and interesting training for all staff.

The programme is delivered in 3 distinct sections:

  1. Monday Night CPD  Rotation – 3.00pm – 4.30pm – Whole Staff (WS), Key Stage Meetings (KS) or PLG’s (Professional Learning Groups) This takes place on a Monday night.  All staff are involved and it is based around a 4 week cycle –

·         Week 1 – Whole School (WS)– This session will have a Teaching and Learning focus/Pupil Progress and Attainment, Organisational Issues, SEMH Analysis and Development task.

·         Week 2 – Key Stage (KS) – with time to reflect on Week 1 and the application to the Key Stage

·         Week 3 –  this is either WS, KS or PLG (Professional Learning Group) depending on the nature of the Teaching and Learning task/topic

·         Week 4 – Whole School – this is a reflection and evaluation session based on the last 3 weeks and will contain presentations from PLG’, individuals or Key Stages.



  1. T&L – Teaching and Learning – 2.30 – 3.00pm Mondays – All Teaching staff are expected to attend and this is designed to develops pedagogy, knowledge and skills as well as reflection and evaluation with like minded colleagues and reflect on the topic from Week 1, Research and Present in PLG’s or develop knowledge and skills from a  colleague on a range of pertinent issues and strategies.  Delivered by Moorbridge staff, the training is interactive, challenging and engaging


  1. Additional CPD sessions – these normally take place on a Wednesday night.  Staff Wellbeing on a Thursday night.  During these sessions we aim to offer a selection of appropriate sessions delivered by both external speakers and internal expertise (eg Language and Communication Team, CAHMS). Staff have a choice to attend these sessions. Staff can accrue training hours from sessions provided to benefit from an additional flexible day to be taken on three dates identified in the school calendar each year.  Training opportunities for staff who choose not to take advantage of these flexible days are offered as a combination of online modules via NTLP or appropriate individual tasks.

It is expected that Moorbridge staff will use CPD opportunities to enhance personal skill sets and address individual training needs. In addition to this, it is hoped that staff will also identify areas of interest and approach SLT with suggestions for whole school CPD or personal course requirements.

Moorbridge has an open door policy, is committed to high quality training of staff and wherever possible, requests for training will be considered where costs are not prohibitive.

In addition staff have completed over the last year a variety of different courses in their own time to ensure that they improve their abilities to deliver Teaching and Learning to the highest of standards.  Such courses include; SEN Qualifications, EHA Completion, Access Arrangement Courses and many more.

In addition NQT’s and New Staff have additional sessions to deliver their induction training.  An example of the NQT programme is attached to the end of this document.  This programme is personalised to the individual needs of the member of staff.  An example of the induction checklist is attached also. 

Moorbridge PRU,
May 6, 2016, 8:45 AM