Curriculum and Timetable

The curriculum at Moorbridge PRU has been designed to ensure all pupils receive the highest quality education which will lead to progress and achievement in a holistic manner thus bridging their current gaps and ensuring we are successful in producing learners who can access the next stage in their academic career.

Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9, students are taught in stage not age groupings. 

Students have access to core subjects and a number of additional National Curriculum subjects. 

The curriculum supports turnaround delivery and allows access back into a mainstream setting.

In KS3, the following subjects are delivered:

  • ·         Maths
  • ·         English
  • ·         Science
  • ·         ICT
  •           CPSE
  • ·         Physical Education/Sport
  • ·         Art & Design
  • ·         Humanities
  • ·         Cooking
  • ·         Life Skills
  •            Design
  •            B4L
  •            Nurture Time
In addition to this 'Deeper Learning' days take place on a 1/2 termly basis where the curriculum is collapse for a day and during this time there is a focus on Personal Development, SEMH and British Values.  We also have 'thought for the week' which is based around a 'focus' to develop the above skills further.

All lessons incorporate a focus to improve standards of Literacy. For some students in Year 9, a focus is placed on GCSE/Equivalent preparation. As a result, lessons are themed and personalised to ensure all students are ready for their future education – whether this is to study GCSEs at Moorbridge PRU/NTSSS, another Alternative Provision, A specialist provision or a return to mainstream.

Each subject aims to enrich students’ current experiences and identify barriers established whilst in mainstream education. They then use this knowledge to identify strategies for each subject in order to support students in accessing all areas of the curriculum. Teaching staff also help students to discover individual learning styles in different contexts, further assisting in over-coming barriers once faced in a mainstream setting.

A strong emphasis is placed on Personal Development in order to enable students to communicate with others effectively. This develops confidence in each individual’s ability and promotes higher self-esteem.

Small groups, 1:1 mentoring and Key Teacher time allows students to reflect on their work and set their own targets for future development whilst ensuring they enjoy their studies.


Key Stage 4

Moorbridge PRU encourages students to achieve GCSE/Level 1& 2 outcomes in order to open a variety of pathways for their future.

Each pupils will follow an individual pathway in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves for both now and in the future.  The pathway will be decided by the pupil, the staff at Moorbridge PRU and all stakeholders.  Students can study the following subjects at Moorbridge PRU

  • ·         English Language (Entry Level 1 to GCSE)
  • ·         English Literature (GCSE)
  • ·         Mathematics (Entry Level 1 to GCSE)
  • ·         Science  (GCSE Trilogy and BTEC)
  •           Art & Design (Arts Award and GCSE)
  • ·          Sports (Cambridge Technical  Level 2) 
  •            PSE (Level 1 &2)
  •            Home Cooking Skills (BTEC) 
  •            Health and Social Care (Cambridge Technical Level 1 & 2)
  •             ICT Qualifications
  •             NCC Level 2 Voccational Qualifications
  •             Preparation for Working Life


  In addition to this some pupils will complete work from their mainstream schools in other GCSE subjects not listed above e.g RE, History, Business Studies   


At Moorbridge PRU we follow a 2 year timetable in order to achieve the maximum possible qualifications for all pupils.  The Pathways that pupils follow at Moorbridge PRU KS4 are as follows:

 Pathway 1 (AMBER)

Academic and Alternative Qualifications.              


5+ GCSE’s/Equivalent 9 - 4
Combo (Vocational and Academic Curriculum in School with a Focus on a Subject area – Sport or Food)                                  


5 GCSE 9-1
 Pathway 3

Vocational Placement, Academic and Vocational Qualifications         


Level 1&2 Qualifications and GCSE's dependent on ability and plan                            
 Pathway 4 (DIAMONDS)

1:1 Personalised/DRS Partnership            


Personalised  to  Pupils needs                           
 Core Curriculum GCSE’s/ Equivalent:

• English/English Literature (GCSE)
• Maths/Statistics (GCSE)
• Science (BTEC Unit 1 or Unit 2)
• Photography (GCSE)/Arts Award (Silver)
• PSE (Level 2)
• NCC Level 2 Qualifications

In addition all  pupils have PE/Activities and Nurture Time
It is expected that these students will go on to Post 16 provisions to complete Level 3 qualifications.
 Core Curriculum of GCSE’s or Equivalent:

• English (GCSE/Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills)
• Maths (GCSE/Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills)
• PSE (Level 1 & 2)
• NCC Level 2 Qualifications
• Option
• PWL – Preparation for Working Life
Options: -
• Science
• Photography
• BTEC Cooking
• CP Sport

In addition all  pupils have PE/Activities and Nurture Time
Pupils will have planned interventions to improve Literacy and Numeracy skills
Pupils will progress to post 16 provisions completing Level 2 or 3 Qualifications
 All pupils will have a personalised timetable and will be expected to complete an Alternative Education Placement for up to 2 days per week. 
These students may have additional needs in the form of a statement or other identified issues.
All students will follow a Core Curriculum of GCSE’s or Equivalents in :
• English (Level 1)
• Maths (Level 1)
• Photography
• PWL – Preparation for Working Life
• NCC Level 2

Every pupil will have a personalised timetable depending on their needs, abilities and skills
Pupils will transition to Post 16 provisions or Apprenticeships.
 Year 11 Students - Every pupil will have an individualised timetable which will be the result of a collective partnership with the mainstream school to meet the individual needs of the Young person.
This pathway is for those students whose Emotional, Social and Mental Health may deteriorate so much so that they may be in danger of not completing Year 11 without additional support.
The Young person will follow the curriculum of their mainstream school and the mainstream school will provide the work, support and advise necessary for the Young person to achieve the GCSE’s they are expected to achieve.
All pupils will have the opportunity for Social and Emotional Development activities.
The pupils will remain on the roll of the mainstream school.

Additionally all pupils will recieve

  • ·         Careers Information, Advice & Guidance and Religious Education)
  •           Connexions Appointments and support
  • ·         Personal Development and Pastoral Support

In order to allow students to access qualifications in subjects previously studied in their mainstream school , some students may be disapplied from some subjects in order to undertake supervised independent study.

There is a strong focus on Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT as we know our local providers either require this for post-16 destinations or will offer this as part of the course for those who do not achieve the required GCSE grades. Early entry for these exams has a positive impact on self-esteem and builds confidence that extends to GCSEs.

All subjects will identify barriers established whilst in mainstream education; using experiences from our core body of staff, we will draw on knowledge to identify strategies to support students in accessing all areas of the curriculum. Individual learning styles are addressed, further assisting in over-coming barriers once faced in a mainstream setting.

Changes to GCSE Grades

In September 2015, the Government made changes to the way in which GCSEs are to be graded.  These changes affect most courses for students beginning Year 10.

Deeper Learning Events and Nurture Time

All students have the opportunity to take part in Deeper Learning Events which help to develop learning skills as well as becoming informed citizens  (See guide below)
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